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transportation and customer service

Does zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain?

Zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain. Title

Does zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain?

Zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain. Title

Does zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain?

Does zmie can make testing by CCIC for conveyor chain. Yes, that is ok.  Title

Can you provide the certificate of original?

Yes, ZMIE can provide the certificate of original for the prodcuts of power and free conveyor series.

How long is your quality guarantee period of the conveyor chain?

For the conveyor chain, in normal use our quality guarantee time is 1 year after the goods arrived.

How long do we need to wait before your goods arrive our place ?

There are serveral ways for transportation, including sea shipment, airmail, express mail, normally for sea shipment and popular sea port, for example Los Angeles, will only need 2 weeks, then you need to wait for USA domestic transportation which will cost 1 or 2 weeks depending on which cityyou locate. Besides, when importation. The production time for your goods varies according to what you are ordering, if out of stock , 1 or 2 weeks will be necessary to enable booking shipping space and China local transportation before arrival to ShangHai warehouse. If special items which involves mould and jigs, 5-6 or more weeks are necessary.

How to guarantee the delivery if sending you the order?

 Zmie guarantee a prompt delivery and service due to our large stock of standard products suah as:X348,X458,X678 chains and trolleys.if it is not standard products, we will report customer the production procession in time.

Can I have samples before ordering?

Welcome you ask for samples! For our regular products like X348, X458, X678 forged rivetless chain, trolley, attachment and other forged and casting chain, we have stock of them can send to you soon, but for special items if no mould available, we have to charge the mould cost from you first, them make samples for your approval.

What is minimum quantity to order to Zmie ?

If it is standard X348, X458, X678 chain or trolleys , normally    Zmie do not have minimum requirement. For air shipment or Express     mail arrangement, no minimum is required.     But for your own convenience,if you wish to order for sea shipment,     sincerely recommend order over USD5000, as you perhaps do not realize:    A. Importation for your Customs has minimum charge    B. Exportation for China Customs also has minimum cost    C. After importation from your Customs, you need truck arrangement before           arrival to your warehouse or your customer's warehouse    D. Before exportation from China, Zmie also need truck arrangement to port    E. Sea-worthy wooden case needs to be built up as minimum package.

Do you know the weight restrictions in Canada?

Yes,we have some customers who buy big quantities with forged chains and trolleys from us in the US and Canada. So we know the limit of tare weight shown on container may never be exceeded. In the U.S. 20' dry container 39,500 lbs. (17.92MT) Maximum varies by state N/A 40' dry container 44,500 lbs. (20.19MT) Maximum varies by state* N/A 45' dry container 42,000 lbs. (19.05MT) Maximum varies by state N/A 20' reefer cntr 36,500 lbs. (16.56MT) Maximum varies by state N/A 40' reefer cntr 41,500 lbs. (18.82MT) Maximum varies by state N/A *Montreal gateway to/from USA maximum = 42,000 lbs (or 19.05MT) In Canada 20' dry container 40,000 lbs. (18.14MT) 46,000 lbs. (20.87MT) 42,000 40' dry container 44,500 lbs. (20.19MT) 55,000 lbs. (24.95MT) 52,000 45' dry container 43,000 lbs. (19.50MT) 53,500 lbs. (24.20MT) 50,500 20' reefer cntr 37,000lbs. (16.89MT) 43,000 lbs. (19.50MT) 39,000 40' reefer cntr 41,500 lbs. (18.82MT) 52,000 lbs. (23.59MT) 48,000

If I plan to order some forged rivetless chain from you, which trade terms you prefer to, DAP or CIP

We think DAP is more workable, compared with CIP, DAP is almost same as old incoterm DDU.We will be in charge of customs clearance, arrange to deliver goods to customer warehouse and pay the freight and insurance cost, NOT pay the duty and tax only. ( If pay everything, will be DDP).

Can you offer the products of custom-made


Forged chain export to which countries?

USA, Europe, Brazil, Russia, Korea, Thailand etc.

The delivery of drop forged chain?

Usually 30 days