ZMIE chain

cast chain development

Time: 2015-05-13
1, the high strength lifting hanging chain, chain complete sling;
2, lifting type D ring, Horseshoe Ring, non-standard welding single ring, pear shaped ring, ring. Rigging accessories.
3, mining high strength ring chain, chain wheel, scraper, open type connection ring, zigzag connecting ring such as mining accessories;
4, cement hoist ring chain, sprocket, chain hook, hopper lifting machine fittings, NE type, FU type lifting chain conveyor chain;
5, electric slag dragging machine high intensity ring chain, sprocket, double and the four hole connected ring, zigzag connecting ring;
6 stainless steel ring, hanging chain, sprocket, chain hook, a transmission roller chain, decorative chain, boiler slag, ash machine chain,
7, the ship has files, no gear chain;
8, metallurgy lifting fixture billet slings, ladle crane beam (hook and the four hook), spreader plate;

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