The use of chain have what safety requirements?

The use of chain have what safety requirements?

Chain called hand chain hoist or fairy gourd. A chain wheel, hand zipper, planetary gear device, hoisting chain and hook etc.. Can be used for hoisting light component, tighten the pull rod cable wind rope and tension in the component transport bundling rope; and can be used in the horizontal and vertical tilt in any direction, etc..

(1) check before use hooks, hanging chain, wheel, chain wheel, such as rust, crack, damage, the transmission part is not flexible and should prohibit the use of.

(2) when in use, the inverted loose chain hanging lifting objects, slowly pulling traction chain, to be lifting chain force, then check the gear, and the working state of the self-locking device, and confirmed before continuing operation.

(3) use weight shall not exceed its rated capacity, at -10 DEG C, shall not exceed the rated lifting weight half.

(4) pull chain. Should be uniform and moderate, and should be consistent with the direction of chain wheel, not oblique moving drag, to prevent the chain jumping, falling groove, card chain phenomenon.

(5) cast chain from the weight of unknown or lifting the weight of the object is unknown, as long as a man can pull the hanging chain can continue to work, such as a person not move, should identify the reasons, it is strictly prohibited to two or more people together to yank, to prevent accidents.

(6) the gear part should be regular lubrication, ratchet, ratchet pawl spring and should be checked regularly. In order to prevent brake failure, lifting member from falling wounding loss.

(7) chain after use should be disassembled and cleaned, again good lubricating oil, installed a plastic cover to send storehouse, hang up properly preserved