228 Overhead Trolley and Expansion Joints

228 Overhead Trolley and Expansion Joints

 228 Overhead Trolley

  228 overhead trolley is the smallest overhead trolley that ZMIE produced, which are available in full ball complement with machined race ways with a single row of ball bearings. They have drop forged, Zinc plated brackets. The full ball wheel with machined race ways are offered in sealed or open configuration. The brackets are attached to the wheels by bolting. The sealed style has a zerk fitting for re-lube. This overhead trolley is an excellent performer in conditions up to 450ºF.

overhead trolley

  Overhead Trolley Conveyor Components –Expansion Joints

  A overhead chain conveyor of any length usually requires expansion joints in the take-up compensate for conveyor chain slack of elongation caused by wear. They are used on all take-ups as the expandable link in the conveyor track.

  To compensate for expansion caused by oven heat, any conveyor passing through an oven must have an expansion joint. Assume 3/4” expansion per 100 ft per 100 ºF temperature rise. Conveyor chain expansion joints should be installed in line with all building expansion joints.

Expansion Joints

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