Overhead Trolley Conveyor Components –Roller turn

Overhead Trolley Conveyor Components –Roller turn

Roller turn rollers are designed to keep the power rivetless chain & overhead trolleys in proper alignment when negotiating horizontal turns. They are available in 30°, 45°, 90° and 180° segments. Custom radii and curve segments can be fabricated upon request.

  A roller turn assembly consists of a frame, I-beam rail, segment bar assembly and rollers. The frame is a welded steel construction designed to minimize deflection from drop forged rivetless chain pull. The roller segment bar assembly is bolted to the frame. This feature allows for easy replacement of either the complete roller assembly or individual rollers.

  Rollers are available with either ball or tapered roller bearings. When selecting conveyor system roller turns, be aware of load to load clearances on turns. Also, larger radii roller turns reduce friction and wear. They are recommended for systems where heavy chain pull is encountered. The following procedure may be used to inspect overhead trolleys for adequacy of grease lubricant.

Roller turn rollers

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