Rivetless chain Introduction of relevant knowledge

Rivetless chain Introduction of relevant knowledge

 Drop forged rivetless chain including regular type,X series and S series chain. Regular forged rivetless chain combines the strength and relatively light weight to make it a good choice for use with trolley, scraper flight and assembly conveyors. All forged construction with thru-hardened links and pins assures long life.

  X series chain flexes both horizontally and vertically, which makes it ideal for overhead conveyors with vertical cruves.

  S series chain features a thru-hardened forged block link, induction hardened steel outer sidebars and induction hardened staked rivets for greater wear resistance, higher system tensions, and positive rivet retention.

  All rivetless chain can be magnafluxed upon request. ZMIE’s rivetless chain also available in AISI 8642 alloy steel. Custom plating can be provided on any size or style chain. Special chain size are available.Hangzhou ZMIE is a special chains company that is on forged chain,conveyor chain,cast chain,CC600 chain,enclosed track chain,bi planar chain,conveyor chain,overhead trolley,rivetless chain,scraper chain,forged link and so on.

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