Cast chain related knowledge introduction

Cast chain related knowledge introduction

Engineered steel and welded steel chains are recommended for most applications. Engineered steel construction is strongly recommended for bucket elevator applications.

  Cast chains may be slightly better suited to applications involving severely corrosive atmospheres or where chain temperatures reach above 500°F. Contact ZMIE for recommendations relating to the specific application.

  Cast combination chains may provide superior service where heavy downward loading and sliding across an extremely gritty or abrasive surface has resulted in a chain wear problem. Where, in addition, problem have been encountered with chain breakage due to heavy impact loading. Heavy duty cast chain should be considered.

  Drag cast chain are suited for handling abrasive bulk materials such as cement linker, coal ashes and similar materials. Heads on links act as pushers for conveying material and broad wearing shoes are designed to prolong the life of the chain and trough.

  Narrow series mill cast chains are used primarily for drag conveyor service in the forest products industry, but are also used in many other applications where a sliding chain is required. The closed joint construction permits operation in a moderately dusty or abrasive atmosphere.

  H series cast chain available in riveted or cottered construction. Riveted construction shown and furnished unless otherwise specified.

  All cast chains are 100% inspected and proof tested to ensure that no poorly molded links leave ZMIE.

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