Enclosed track chain is the main component of handing conveyor

Enclosed track chain is the main component of handing conveyor

Enclosed track chain

Enclosed track chain is the main component of handing conveyor. Using ball bearings as chain wheel, the wheel’s material is 16Mn, and than 5 years service life. The main structure material is carbon steel.

Enclosed track chain can turn freely, climb, and adapt to various geographical environment conditions.The transmission line is mainly used in the workshop material on the air distribution.

The applicable scope of enclosed track chain is wide, can make the continuous work after high temperature baking, harmful gas area, spray paint room, varnished pretreatment, freezer, air storage, etc. Also the enclose track chain can complete artificial to operate the production process, to improve labor conditions, improve product yield and quality. And the product less power consumption, lower maintenance cost, durable, low noise, easy operation, etc. So enclosed track chain Widely used in clothing, automobile and motorcycle spare parts, meat processing and long-distance rotary conveying.

Enclosed track chain score for two categories, including, Taiwan five tons of chain series, Domestic QXG series(Seven tons of chain series). Respectively is suitable for the single point of hoisting within 8 kg - 500 kg of various objects, and long distances transportation. To using Enclosed track chain can also be completed in the process of transportation for cleaning, painting, assembly, testing, air storage, etc. So in machinery, electronics, light industry, food and other industries widely used. At the same time, according to its structure, the seven tons of chain series have double plates single wheel chain and the between double plates and wheels chain.

 Enclosed track chain also is equipped with all kinds of sling:Cross the disc spreader, cross spreader, palin spreader, gear disc spreader, C type spreader, U type spreader, Y type spreader, and other special sling.