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Stainless steel forged chain lubricant requirements

Time: 2015-08-21

In the specific transmission production process stainless steel forged chain often plays a very important role in the emergence of stainless steel forged chains for transmission work has brought great convenience. But I believe that friends should know that in the course of their work, if less lubricant so everything will become very embarrassing, but when choosing a lubricant also need to pay attention to a number of related issues.

In general, stainless steel forged chains are working in the open environment, so the choice of lubricant must choose high-quality lubricants, lubricant oxidation and other reactions occur if specific work in process, then often for industrial production is not going to have any good effect. At the same time, of course, the choice of lubricant lubricating effect we must pay attention to the lubricant, the lubricating effect of the lubricant only the specific production process and good to be able to have a more good results.

We actually have to pay attention to the process of using a lubricant that is another little problem lubricant adhesion problem areas, if the adhesion is not enough, it may cause in the production process of shedding problem, so I hope friends are able to take note of the relevant aspects of the problem, choose a most suitable lubricant. In the transmission forged chain work more simple, work efficiency will get a corresponding increase.

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