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A new method of how to identify the quality of the forged chain

Time: 2015-08-21

A new method of how to identify the quality of the forged chain
   A visual inspection: inside / outside forged chain piece is deformed, cracks, embroidered eclipse; pin is deformed or turn, embroidered eclipse; roller whether cracks, damaged by excessive wear; joint is loose deformation; there is no different sound when running. or abnormal vibration, forged chain lubrication in good condition
   Second, the forged chain length measurement accuracy: To clean before measuring forged chain, the forged chain will be measured around the two sprockets, forged chain up and down both sides of the test should be supported. When measuring, applied to the stainless steel forged chain specified measuring load, so that the upper and lower sides of the forged chain tensioner. forged chain on sprocket teeth together should ensure the normal measuring two sprocket center distance.
   Third, the measuring forged chain elongation: to remove the entire forged chain clearance, to some degree, to be applied to the pull in the forged chain tension measurements, the measurement, in order to minimize errors in the measurement section 6-10 (link) where the inner dimensions L1 and L2 roller outer section between the number of measurements, in order to judge the size of L = (L1 + L2) / 2. Determine the length of the forged chain elongation, the value and forged chain elongation of pre-term use of threshold contrast, the elongation of the forged chain = judgment dimension - a reference length / reference length * 100% reference length = forged chain pitch * section number.

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