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Introduction to various types of forged chain

Time: 2015-08-21

What is the forged chain: a series of often metal ring or donut forged chain, forged chain-shaped objects for obstacle traffic channel. Can be divided into short pitch precision roller forged chains, short pitch precision roller forged chains, heavy-duty transmission roller forged chains with curved panels, cement machinery with a forged chain, plate forged chain, the forged chain of high-strength, high-strength forged chain rigging series, professional use in engineering support, manufacturing facilities, production lines supporting and supporting the use of special circumstances.
Mine ring forged chain: drag forged chain conveyor and coal mining equipment is widely used in scraper conveyor, plow and shearer, elevator, boiler slag ships and other equipment.
Lifting ring forged chain: for vertical gantry hoist, cement kiln forged chain. The main technical indicators: Implementation JB3926 GB / T12718-2001 standards.
Lifting ring forged chain: forged chain hoist for carrying and similar equipment. Main performance: Perform GB5802-86, GB4829-84 standards. We can use: ISO3077-84, ISO1834-80 standards.
forged chain purposes: as a common power device was passed through the hyperbolic arc "forged chain" design, reduce friction, for use in power is relatively large and relatively slow speed of the place, there was obvious superiority than belt drive, such as tanks, pneumatic compressors, etc., but not too fast transmission speed, flexibility is better because of the forged chain belt conveyors.

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