forged chain Manufacturing Technology trends

forged chain Manufacturing Technology trends

forged chain Manufacturing Technology trends

 1, raw material restructuring
⑴ raw materials begin to eliminate backward annealing furnace coal Bi practices, the use of nitrogen (or a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen) to protect the hood-type annealing furnace, the hardness of the material uniformly from the surface decarbonization.
⑵ rolling and even pull technology to mature, the line speed has been the original 0.25 m / s progress to 1--4 m / sec.
⑶ pickling and other pollution treatment technology is maturing.


2, the forged chain plate upgraded high-speed punch load and more stars blanking process has achieved a dominant position in the industry. Zhongshan University specification link plates or repair holes or ball squeeze hole punching or secondary, the latter two are the world's advanced level.

3, forged chain plate punching carbide blanking dies of.

4, polisher polishing machine for forged chain plate to glitches.

5, promotion pin high-speed cutting technology.

6 study, pin chamfering process.

⑴ drum processing method; ⑵ replace the yellow sand quartz sand; ⑶ cold forging method.

7, pin super polishing: Planet Drum plus special abrasive.

8, the sleeve of processing: seamless large size, small and medium size using rolling optimal method for Buhler machine and MRP pre-bending method, the sleeve can also be an important forged chain of cold extrusion methods.

9, the roller: High-speed forged chain using rolling production, the small size is generally cold extrusion, 48A or more seamless cutting.

10, the forged chain material