Maintenance and use mine with a forged chain ring forged chain

Maintenance and use mine with a forged chain ring forged chain

Mine important parts forged chain in the high-intensity ring forged chain scraper conveyor mining machinery relatively easily damaged, withstand tension, wear and corrosion and other harsh working conditions, once the fracture occurs, damage, thus affecting productivity. Therefore, in addition to mining forged chain selection of excellent technical quality Universal Mine forged chain products, but also master the correct use mine with a forged chain and ring routine maintenance. Should note the following:

First, with the scraper conveyor forged chain sprockets and other accessories to match the size, so precise fit.

The second is to choose the quality level of the corresponding forged chain.

The third is optional anti-corrosion mine working conditions in accordance with the forged chain ring, according to the part of the coal mine corrosive water, the use of basic erosion corrosion from the external environment Mine forged chain.

Fourth, try to avoid injury, the forged chain's weakest link determines the quality of the entire forged chain, and in the process of moving consignment, according to requirements of the packaging, but also pay attention to the venue to make the forged chain after scratching the surface.