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Alternative Methods of forged chain oiled

Time: 2015-08-21

Here, the forged chain manufacturer tells you that you do not know the forged chain oiling methods.
     We take a look at the way the general universal oil.
     First sprayed with a degreasing agent such as 40 in the forged chain, wait a minute, then rinse the forged chain, the forged chain clean dry towel, then lines. Come best specialty forged chains, generally divided into water (the forged chain oil lubrication effect, but dust) dry (affecting lubrication in general, but not dust pollution) is also divided into a number of ceramic and wax, etc., etc., I recommend using wax, first of all it is a dry oil, can not touch the dust. In two of the forged chain visible surface layer of ash layer, like a forged chain letter glaze, superior general of the forged chain lubrication oil better. Direct forged chain oil on the forged chain, and then turn the crank, and then wait for the formation of the wax layer with a towel and wipe off the excess wire. A syringe, Leia mountain bike is not so fragile. The loss of the forged chain is properly maintained, try to extend its life. But you can not expect to get things right once and for all, the time must be replaced, it will not only ride tired, will affect the dental plate and flywheel life.
     Below, we look at an alternative way of forged chain oil.
     We just need to get some lubricant additives (lubricants than thick) with medical syringe needle delete one or three milliliters, then plug pin forged chain roller seam joint inside, each hitting a drop of wine. Remember, the place to start to make a mark, usually 108, five minutes. After ten minutes, wipe off excess oil with a paper towel to keep clean. This step is very important! To achieve a 2-fold. Therefore, on the inside, the outside can not see the oil lubrication. forged chain, flywheel and dental plate dry! No dust. Test lubricant additives still feel dry lubrication.
     This oil is not a simple way to much of it? Only the forged chain to get regular maintenance to prolong its service life

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