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Duanlian difference forged chains and freedom of

Time: 2015-08-21

Duanlian difference forged chains and freedom of

forged a plastic deformation model and full-bore die forged method to obtain the metal produced in the external force.
forged chain equipment used forged hammer forged, hot forged press, flat forged machine and friction presses and so on.
Compared to free forged, die forgeds size and high precision, small machining allowance, forged a more reasonable distribution of fibrous tissue, can further improve parts life. forged high productivity, easy operation, easy to implement mechanization and automation. forged chain but investment in equipment, high die cost, long production preparation period, and the quality of die forgeds forged equipment is limited tonnage, making it suitable for small and medium sized forgeds (typically <150 kg) of bulk and mass production .

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