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Regular maintenance forged link chain Conditions

Time: 2015-08-21

Stainless steel lifting forged link chains can be adjusted according to the forged link chain to improve the height of lifting objects of different lengths are essential to the crane, it is important to take things to improve operational efficiency crane device to expand the scope of the crane operation plays an important role. So in the end how the forged link chain crane maintenance and repair it
     Tightness lifting forged link chain should fit, tight increase in power consumption, the forged link chain is too loose bearing wear and easy to beat off the forged link chain. Tightness of the forged link chain is: lift or pressure from the middle of the forged link chain, the two sprocket center distance of about 2% -3%.
The new lifting forged link chain or by the use of the long stretch, difficult to adjust, removed the link to see the situation, but it must be an even number. Back through the forged link chain links should the locking plate is inserted on the outside, the opening of the lock piece to be rotated toward the opposite direction.

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