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forged link chain scission problems plaguing us, how to prevent it?

Time: 2015-08-21
forged link chain scission problems plaguing us, how to prevent it?
    Shandong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a double surplus professional forged link chain manufacturer, product sales nationwide praise.
    Double surplus production forged link chain of good quality, trustworthy.
    Today we take a look at how to prevent the forged link chain scission problem.
    General forged link chain is broken, there are two ways fracture: A fracture is strong; One is fatigue fracture.
    The so-called strong is in the process of breaking the forged link chain running, if large-scale coal, iron and other cards in orbit above the forged link chain scission protection delay or refuse to move, causing the forged link chain pulled off. The so-called fatigue fracture is the forged link chain after a long run, wear-resistant surface coating off, wear resistance of the forged link chain down the carrying capacity weakened, leading to fatigue forged link chain scission.
    In order to prevent the forged link chain of accidents in the procurement process and strict quality control must be regularly tested for the forged link chain, to detect and deal with the problem, the problem of the strong to try to avoid missing link in the forged link chain when working to standardize work processes . Scission will have to eliminate fatigue, regular inspection and timely replacement of the forged link chain.

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