conveyor chain, overhead trolley conveyor system such as is necessared

conveyor chain, overhead trolley conveyor system such as is necessared

As is known conveyor system for construction machinery is an important part of not only the same conveyor system engineering machinery and equipment component of the project is also a core member of the mechanical operation .conveyor system has been applied to a variety of large-scale construction machinery and equipment through various transmission transfer capabilities , but also various kinds of food delivery , transportation engineering , agriculture transport , sewage treatment and other important members of the transportation system needs .

Because the conveyor system has various functions and thus will have a number of different conveyor system such as overhead conveyor, floor conveyor and the like. For several different main components of the conveyor system is not required for the same purposes for overhead conveyor trolley, forged rivetles chain is such an integral conveyor components, the floor conveyor and the conveyor chain is the purpose of this conveyor system indispensable conveyor components.

Second, the overhead conveyor system and floor conveyor system possess a variety of functions . Several important than the transmission gear , but the two kinds of the same conveyor system where there are not the same place.

As overhead conveyor system basically hanging conveyor system is used , so the higher the overhead conveyor trolley and forged rivetless chain demands to overhead trolley strength , forged rivetless chain tension and large , so the floor conveyor system of conveyor chain has the same requirements for forged chain, but the work environment for the applicable requirements of the product is clearly higher overhead conveyor system requirements.

So for overhead conveyor system, or floor conveyor system in terms of not only just conveyor chain, but also need to have a variety of other conveyor components, such as forged rivetless chain, overhead trolley and so on.