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Make more extensive use of conveyor chain

Time: 2015-08-21

Several areas of the conveyor system is not just conveyors conveyor chain, transmission chain , etc. can be included therein .Is also an important component of various drive transmission system wherein the conveyor chain is composed of some parts of forged chain, forged rivetless chain, drop forged chain like. The transmission chain is from a variety of such hollow pin chain, deep link chain conveyor , such as the composition of several projects .

But the conveyor chain, transmission chain drive transmission so not all of the component parts . For conveyor chain, transmission chain conveyor system is not just in terms of focus , such as sugar industry, palm oil chain, bulk chain , etc., but there should be more like all aspects of the field of mechanical engineering , agriculture transport , industrial production and other conveyor system .So in terms of the conveyor system conveyor chain, transmission chain is no longer just the traditional drive transmission. Is also a large number of conventional transmission system operating system .

More extensive use of conveyor chain is a great help for the conveyor system , the conveyor chain products which are beneficial to broaden the variety of conveyor system is widely used . Meanwhile transmission chain can be used in more conveyor system, or to allow transmission chain conveyor system can be a variety of combinations with each other again

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