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CC600 chain

Time: 2015-08-21

Detailed introduction to CC600 chain:
Gripper Chain is for form, fill, and vacuum seal wrapping applications. CC600 chain high performance roller chain is available both in conventional and innovative new side-swivel gripper attachments. Each attachment features high performance springs designed to last more than ten million cycles, even at high speeds. Further, our side-swivel design allows for optimal material feed-through for smoother running lines.

We have two types for CC600 chain:  Nickel-plated &  Stainless steel.Each chain offers improved resistance to environmental conditions.

Gripper Chain combines high-quality chain with with a choice of Standard or Type K gripper attachments. Standard gripper attachments open straight up and down. Type K attachments open vertically, then sideways for easy film engagement. Both are designed to ensure precise positioning and long-lasting performance, even at high speeds


cc600 chain'pitch


CC600 chain

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