The development of Overhead conveyor

The development of Overhead conveyor

Overhead conveyor is in line for conveying materials on the material handling machinery, continuous conveyor. Overhead conveyor can tilt, vertical and horizontal conveyor, also can form, conveying lines conveying lines space commonly is fixed. Overhead conveyor, long distance transmission capacity, also can be finished in conveying process and some process operation, so widely used.

Press any traction belt to pieces.

The overhead conveyor is generally include traction, bearing structure, traction drive device, tension device, and supporting device etc redirection. To transfer the traction, traction thing can be used or rope chain conveyor belt, traction, Bearing structure, bearing material to put a hopper, bracket or spreaders; etc. Device drivers for conveyor, generally by motor with, and brake (stop), etc. Tensioner device generally have screw and hammer type two kinds, can make the traction thing maintain certain tension and vertical degree, to ensure the normal operation of belt conveyor, Support to bear a traction or bearing structure, can use roller, wheel etc.

This kind of variety, conveyor belt conveyor, belt, Overhead conveyor type, escalators, moving pavements, scraper conveyor belt, scraper, dou conveyor, bucket, suspension conveyor and aerial ropeway etc.

No traction belt of the composition of each are not identical, used for conveying materials have different components of work. Their structural characteristics are: use the rotary motion component or work, or use medium reciprocating motion of the material flow in the pipeline transport forward. For example, roller conveyor work for a series of rolls and rolls components conveying materials to make the rotary motion, Screw conveyor work component for spiral, spiral groove in the material of rotation movement along the manger to push material, The working members for vibration conveyor, manger manger for reciprocating motion to transport in which the material, etc.

The future development of the belt conveyor, expand toward large-scale will use scope, automatic sorting, reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution, etc.