ZMIE Chain Attachment Pusher Dog | conveyor chain parts
ZMIE Chain Attachment Pusher Dog | conveyor chain parts
X678-1 X678-2 X458

Item specifics

rivetless chain pusher dog pitch
rivetless chain pusher dog process
rivetless chain pusher dog material
alloy steel
rivetless chain pusher dog assembly
rivetless chain push surface treatment
shot peening



Chain Attachment Pusher Dog     rivetless chain pusher dog

Product parameter


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The overhead conveyor components including drop forged rivetless chain, drop forged overhead trolley, caterpillar drive chain, trolley attachment, side link pusher dog, rollers turn roller, enclosed track chain, free carrier trolley and so on.


What's Your Packing Method?

For our regular products like X348, X458, X678 forged rivetless chain, trolley, attachment packed into plywood case which no need fumigate, for the assembled conveyor chain and forged fork chain with flight packed into pallet,for CC600 casting chain two packing methods are available.