F801 cast chain case conveyor chain
F801 cast chain case conveyor chain
F801 cast chain case conveyor chain

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Double flex chain F801 chain /Case conveyor chain      cast chain


conveyor chain

conveyor chain

conveyor chain


conveyor chain

Case conveyor chain used in a variety of applications.

All chain components are heat treated to achieve greater durability and extended chain life.

Designed for greater flexibility in horizontal and vertical movements.

Case conveyor chains are suitable for harsh environments, and their open construction allows the easy removal of coarse dirt. Case conveyor chains are frequently used for barrel / container conveying, in the construction materials industry, for pallet conveyor systems or in carwashes.

The F801 case conveyor chains are intended for use in multistrand conveyors handling individual loads under conditions of mild corrosion. They are usually supported in channels and are highly flexible, allowing for fluid movement and flexibility when required. This versatility allows them to be used in a variety of heavy duty applications but their main application is in the bottling industry where they are called on to handle crates and gas bottles.

To meet the challenge of the application environment this chain has been developed with the following features:

Stud ends flush with link.

Large rubbing areas top and bottom.

Iron link, softer than the track and self-lubricating

Corrosion resisting properties.

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conveyor chain


What's Your Packing Method?

For our regular products like X348, X458, X678 forged rivetless chain, trolley, attachment packed into plywood case which no need fumigate, for the assembled conveyor chain and forged fork chain with flight packed into pallet,for CC600 casting chain two packing methods are available.

conveyor chain